I’m No Frankie Avalon

So, first day of vacation, only talked to my boss three times about something that’s pretty ridiculous and unimportant.  Sigh.

But speaking thereof, I have some pink hair.  Not all of my hair is pink, but I love it.   I aggressively love it.

There was this book I read when I was young and I forget the name of it – probably easy enough to track down where there was a little fairy girl given to be raised by human parents.  Ah yes, “The Fairy Rebel” and she had this hank of hair that was green or blue or some odd color that kept growing back no matter how many times her parents cut it off.  And that was her fairy magic showing up.  I remember it was the first time I learned the word tunic, too. (This is not accurate, I realize, as I go back and read the Amazon summary – that she was in, fact, a human child, but gifted to a childless couple with 20 magical blue hairs at the back of her neck.)

So naturally, oddkin that I am, I lusted after magical colored hair.  But I always hesitated as to what people would think if i did it for real.  I think, though I never realized it at the time, it was all about being seen.  So time after time I’d go to the hair salon and pay decent and indecent amounts of money to get my hair colored and people would literally not notice.   Every time I’d tell myself, this is the time to do something dramatic! This time, I want someone to see me and be compelled to talk to me.  And then, I’d just say, oh, the same, please.  Give me the same.

This time, I asked for pink and despite a brief moment of “we don’t have pink” and then, me finding myself entirely willing to backtrack, she found some.  Some that was not ugly pink, but was Rachel McAdamsy pink and it is now in my hair.

It will still be in my hair when I return to work in a week, albeit, much lighter, I’m sure.  And I don’t give a single shit.

So that was a big part of my day.  It actually took up so much time that I didn’t get the chance to eat as destructively as I might have done and I continue to look forward to my realignment on Monday/Tuesday back into weight loss mode.

I am also considering not bringing my laptop with me.  This would mean no post on Friday/Saturday.  Not a timely one.  I can certainly still do one about the days events and really only a few of you would be the wiser, as I’ve noted before, but I’d be hauling this whole thing just to do this and while, I can, and I do believe I’ve proven I’m committed to the cause of daily blogging…I just want to travel light, you know?

So I might do that – and you’ve been forewarned – you people who might think less of me for my pink hair and my wanton ways and my truancy…I may disappoint you yet again!