in equal measure, onward

In all this time, all these posts from Surfeit to now, all these hundreds of thousands of words…years and years, it’s only just this month that I have health professional-based information derived from me being personally examined as part of my observations.

It is enlightening.

Many things, said out loud, to another person, can become enlightening as well.  Your thoughts and beliefs can become cartoonish when you have to share them.   Perfectionism, the beast, makes me think I can’t do things at all when I do them regularly and nobody stops me.  Never once.

so tomorrow, a diet.   a place for something to happen.

And past this place, I have some degree of positivity.  I have some degree of charging ahead, banners in the sky.  What a deranged and marvelous mood.  I bought elf ears.   I can be as ridiculous as I can be severe.

in equal measure, onward.