2 Dry 2 Cry: Day 44

I think I might be going through something.  This bridge of time that I fight every year and fail against.  Perhaps I need to just accept that I am always going to be sucked into the undertoad, as it were.  I’m always going to be thrown overboard.  Reach exceeding grasp.

I have a headache.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Last night a woman I did not see but heard, kept banging and trying to get into our house until we called the police.  I didn’t fall properly back to sleep until it was far too late. I feel, actually, like hell.  From the carbs, of course, and my usual weird desire to just fuck everything over until it is entirely beyond recognition.

I think my Valentine’s Day present from the guy who is not my boyfriend, but he is – even if he isn’t, and if he isn’t, I definitely don’t want him to be – will be a used D&D book.  This is sweet and good and kind, but I have a headache and actually, writing that out makes me want to set the world on fire.

I have been reading all sorts of travel materials about Porquerolles.  It would make for a great honeymoon spot. Provided you could get your imaginary husband to leave the house.

Everything is garbage and shit and I want it to stop.  I have done no other writing.

So.  Yep.

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