Lazy Arse: Day 41

  • Clear desk  (added some cups to it)
  • 2+ loads of laundry (did 1, half of which is still in the dryer)
  • Make crack slaw (Nope)
  • Prep oncoming week. (Got my email checked and nobody’s murdered or murdering.  Have an idea of what to wear tomorrow.  If I swap out my toothbrush head, maybe we’ll have something.)
  • Read 5+ pages of something good  (what are books?)
  • Start outline for Sela (damnit, no)

I did one load of laundry and wrote    That’s about it.  Ate more of my edge of impossibly bad low-carb meal choices.  Am feeling like a huge failure, in a manageable way.  I mean, I might want to go get Starbucks tomorrow because I’m such a horrible failure.  But I have been running hard and fast and I suppose sometimes this is just how I am going to do.

I think I checked my weight and was not pleased and that probably started the spiral.   Sure.  And J. saying some things.

I am always so sad when I get to the trip and I haven’t done the work.    Gotta get my shit up on this.

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