Background Magic

It’s just a draft.  No reason to be concerned.

I honestly have so little to do today that I am not quite sure how I can make myself get to three o’clock.  Things will turn up, here and there, but, I have a ton of damn time.  A ton of it and I realize how spending the majority of the rest of the day with my neck craned down, staring at my phone, really defeats the purpose of feeling as though I am never able to find the time to do what I want to do.  I have the time if I don’t let it slip right through my fingers.
It’s 3:30pm by the time I got back to this.
I need to be here because I’ve given up the online therapist.  I need to feel connected for the whole two-way energy and conversation to work and me writing these long paragraphs wasn’t working.  This, for now, needs to suffice.
The plan at the moment again is to go home and walk outside.  It’s a weird impulse, but I have it.  It feels good.  That is all I can say and my mood seems to be a bit elevated and my need to put my face into terrible things less raging.  None of the bad is gone, but some of the good is present…so.  That’s what we have.
Drank a ton of water, did some nominal exercise.  So.  Yes.

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