It’s Just That (9/365)

It’s hard and strange to know that you are on the only side of things that works.  That you are in the groove and not lingering outside of it, wondering how you can force your brain to let you get there.

I’ve lost a bit more than my last mention of weight loss.  Still not going to put it into numbers until I get a few more to lock where this is in…there’s always this idea that you can get hung up on one number not moving so swiftly on to the next one and screw the pooch.  I have done this so long and so many times that I know what the landmine is

Right now, it’s just the idea that I’m doing this for a year.  Adding back in fruit and a few things, but generally aiming to be at 40-100 carbs through December 31 save for these once a month restaurant, planned deviations.