27 to Hit

I am holding down the fort and fortress.  It is Friday.  I have very, very, very few tasks to do here at work today, so one must expect a longer post again. Maybe I can make up for some of these patches of the year when I just faffed off and didn’t engage with the program, didn’t post. I’ve regretted those, even if it hasn’t always appeared that way.  You just miss so much when you give up your  Maybe I can cram in some words and push a broom handle to prop the melting cake of my self-regard.  It is something of an endurance test as I need to remain here until four.  I can’t go leaving any old time I like, even though I suppose they would all prefer that, rather than have me sit and try and solve the world’s problems from my computer desk.  Ah.  Guilt.
It is such that I am thinking about writing this Christmas letter so that I can prepare Christmas cards for everyone.  That is crazy that I am in this position – howsoever short-lived it is.  This is what I have wanted.  Time to think.  Even if the danger of thinking is the realization how much you want to change of what your life is as you rush around, exhausted and unable to contemplate an exterior world, an alternative path.  And now, yeah,
Today we are experiencing…
Hah, this is what you get when you think things are going to stay calm.  A nice slap in the face with enough force to wake you up, put you to sleep, and then wake you up again.
No time to bloviate about the holidays.

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