Surfeit, Revisited

October 1st.  A day of late in the year fresh starts.  I don’t know how fresh, but there’s at least some points in my favor to get me going.

I have determined not to become the Lich Queen.   It is really not worth the small bump up in power.

I have an eyebrow waxing appointment tomorrow.

I have ordered and picked up my groceries for a week – will try to stretch to 10 days – and am getting ready to start another load of laundry.  I am thinking that the time and money I am spending eating out, which culminated last week in a veritable frenzy of excess and over-caffeination, can be used for exercise, for clothes shopping, for reading, for stashing away to buy someone a ticket out here if we can just agree that should happen.

I’m not feeling very well, but, that’s only my fault.

I have a very fragile heart, but nobody is swinging baseball bats.


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