I need to get the whole story out.  I need to make a complete project list.  I need to get to work on some writing.  I’ve been daydreaming, flittering around one particular scene, but without the pathos of the original one I wrote and it needs that pathos. It needs doubly so.
I need the brain to get up to speed and to reject these calls to become a layabout just because my time is so loose and unmonitored for the next few weeks.
So let me tell you about my plans for October as a girl always needs a good plan to get her by especially when she doesn’t have a trip somewhere in the offing.
I am going to eat at home every day in October.
This is no small feat.  I am actually nervous about how much brain space will be opened up if I no longer have to consider the hows wheres and whens of buying food every single day.  I will be saving oodles of cash.
Let’s just give this a go.

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