Just settle in and tell the story you want to tell.

I am in such a strange space in comparison to spaces I have been before.  There is a newness to my exhaustion, to my wonderment, to my confusion, to my despair, my undying hope.

J.  and I.  That’s a thing that’s so on the verge of being a thing and today, for the first time in ages, probably because I’d drunk some sangria, I felt mildly ambivalent about what this all means.   This new universe of hearing things like: you are my favorite person. I missed you and wanted to talk to you.  And other, less casual sentiments that I am not so bold as to share here where people I know occasionally read what goes on in my real-person’s brain.

I just think it’s a matter of not having eaten.  And having spent all day pushing every last encroaching thought out of my mind to satisfy the requirements of work – panics and woes culminating in something positive

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