Bowlful of Orzo

Oh, therapy here we come.  We’re practically barreling over the hill at the idea of it.

I hardly want to post today at all. It is late.  I am so tired I’m bright-eyed and awake.

Last night what sleep I slept was very poorly wrought.  That’s not really what I mean.  What I mean to say was I couldn’t sleep because it fucking hurt to move.  To shift a hip.  To bend a knee.  Somehow, I’ve pulled a muscle and last night became well acquainted with how important your butt is to every other movement your body needs to make.

Now, sitting here, I’m quite pleased with how I am going to get to actually fall into REM sleep, actual rest is going to occur, not just the facsimile.  I am going to need it as tomorrow…I am told which thankfully, I accidentally, learned today, that the boss will be changing.

Everything changing.  Everything always changing.


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