At the Poetry Jam

It was my mother’s birthday today.

We had ribs.  I brought her a card and a gift card to the natural food store where she can buy some natural food.

I almost killed someone in my car.

I spoke with J.  I want more and less at the same time.  But everything could change if I understood us at all.  He misses me.   I miss a lot of things.  I don’t…I do…but I don’t…

My mother does not have any particular interest in hearing about the man that’s decided to take nearly eight months of his life and devote them to maintaining shared emotional space with me.  “You’re not having him stay here!”  She insists before I, or anyone has suggested anything beyond him visiting me.

My aunt and I watched the first episode of Manor House after I told her the sum total of everything.

I was alright at work.  I am alright now.  I am reading through old posts because I had a couple compliments today and I am covetous of more.

175 words is not enough.  I did what I could and it is not enough.