It Doesn’t Make it Right

I am not just running out the clock.  There’s a bottle of water that may be sufficiently chilled at the end of this post and I just have to write my way to it.

So, I decided I am continuing with my low-carb, weight-loss journey. It was really only on the ropes for less than 24 hours, but I am keenly aware now as to the difference.  I’ve done this enough to know that the path I want to take out of this only goes through eating better and taking care of myself and trying to dodge that is not going to lead me to happy places.

This means the box of shakes was bought, even though it was more expensive at Walgreens so that there is no excuse in the morning that I can’t begin because I don’t have the liquid high-sign that the game is on.

This means that there will surely be some form of dessert served for my mother’s birthday tomorrow and I will have to decline it.   At the moment, as I rasp and sigh, waiting for that water bottle to chill, I have no particular interest in it.  Even today, a box 3/4ths of the way full of sugary doughnuts was left to dry out on the countertop at work with no mind or compulsion by me.  But naturally, with zero shakes and zero plan today, last night’s indiscretions leaked out and dribbled down Tuesday’s leg.

I am distracted by how thirsty I am.

Distracted so that I am not remembering something important that I wanted to write down if not for my pleasure, then, for the purposes of the unending memory of this place.

Today was the day that someone I knew in a former life passed away.  He was not only my friend, a friend of my father’s as well, and one of the kindest and gentlest people in all of the whole entire world.  He had climbed every fourteener.  He had gone to every continent.  He as driven, but you’d see no sense of that in how he interacted with the world.   The man just exuded kindness, peace, an even and easy temperament that I can’t even begin to imagine being incensed.

We shall miss you, John.  Hope to see you again someday.