Going Clean

I do not know if I have five hundred words in me tonight, but I am, earnestly, going to try.  I have a lot of things now that I’ve decided I need to do for myself.  For my life to take a bit of a shape I approve of.  And so I need to read and get sleep, but this is a commitment I also want to get back in the swing of.

Even as imperfect as it is to journal when you want to write fiction, I’ve come to find a fondness for the form just as it is.  For the metric non-unit of five hundred words at a throw.

Seems impossible and then suddenly, there you are.

So I have learned some things about productivity and about where and how I spend my time.  I do an excessive amount, in my view, of things that don’t matter.  And I’ve learned that the way to stop doing things that don’t matter is plan to do things that do matter first.  Build those things in first as necessities so there’s less space for internet dicking around-ery.  Which I think has more merit than it may initially appear, but it’s a lot of time spent on things that return less than I put into them.

At any rate.  I’m in the mood for some self-care and we’ll see how that goes.


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