Summer Friday

Apparently, the Facebook tells me, there is a new thing that businesses are doing now.  They’re seeing that nobody does a damned bit of work on a Friday afternoon so they are just sending people home, capitulating to the power that is the droning voice in the back of all of our minds that we are entitled to go be free.  That we are human and alive and the best days of our lives are draining like honey down our trunks and into the uncaring soil.

These are rosebuds, and we are made to gather them.

So, with nobody to tell me not to, and several people who suggested I should, I went home early from work.  The office was dead quiet when I left.  Most people are planning, from what I have been told, including my supervisor and boss, to be gone on Monday when I am planning to once again be in – I have to if I have any hope of concentrating and not falling into the internet sea.

Once arriving there, I got dinner, I put all my expenses into YNAB and at some point, J. called and while I have yet to formulate the meat of what it is I require from whatever crucial conversation we end up having – it was so nice to hear him in a cheerful mood.  The warmth that spills out of him when he’s there and excited and the world feels less oppressive to him is delightful.  Of no irritation on a warm and final day of June.  I feel greedy.  I want more of it and him in just this proscribed way if I can’t have the real article.

We spoke mostly of cooking and food and this meant talking about cheesecake recipes and the texture and quality of yuca and barbeque sauce and pork and any number of other other roundabout components of recipes.   I always end up half-convinced I should run off and buy a ton of ingredients and cook.  The other night, I am not sure I recorded the success of the Japanese cheesecake recipe and how much better it might have ended up being if I hadn’t had to shove it in the fridge too quickly after it came out of the oven so I could leave my parents house and go home.  Ended up deflating madly, but still delicious.  Makes me think about impossibilities.  Cooking together.  Actually trying some of this food we talk about.  It’s awful to just not believe it will ever actually happen. I…ugh.

So, the morning approacheth, and I have high hopes for this weekend and its 4th of July archipelago that is hanging out there once I get through with Monday.  Keep the clean things clean, and work on more of the mess, play games, futz around, not spend exorbitant amounts of money where I shouldn’t thanks to the budget.  Try and think about some healthy sorts of thoughts.  Read and write.

That is really the sum of it.

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