Notes to the Heavy Machines

I am trying to hold all the universes together in one spot.

Do you remember what it’s like to have the side of your lip curl up in the subtle pleasure of recognizing the deft skill that pulls images and language together in one spot, like four or five good universes pressed in a kiss?

Somewhere in my long memory, I recall such a feeling.   Lately I am so uncomfortable sitting here with this hot computer in my lap, my shoulders heated coils rather than muscles, my wrists against the sharp edge, my brain a’whirling.  It is not ideal for creativity.  I need to make like Jane Austen and get myself well out of Bath.

Be neither honorable, nor proud.  Stand still and do the work, and that is the only way we can anticipate a good outcome.  You will learn.  The truth will unfold itself.  Just push forward.



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