A  swell of short-term clarity rises around me.

Things I am believing tonight:

  • Water is important to human life particularly when you go without it for a while.  Or without the full quantity you typically enjoy or when you’re constantly imbibing salty things and staring into computer screens.
  • Your neck has its limitations.
  • I like the idea of love hotels.
  • I have written more prolifically than I realized on the subject of witches.
  • Certain things happening or not happening with regard to one’s pants are frustrating the holy hell out of me.
  • I am thinking about how much I need and want to light a candle.
  • Read a book, too, I need to read a book.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale is really one of the most extraordinary things ever produced for TV and I loved the book, I think the language in it is astonishing in its poetically coerced demand for your attention.  And somehow the cinematography achieves that here in its own way.
  • I am acting out because of my frustration.
  • They’re signing me up for a class called Crucial Conversations and I know it would help me if I could just relax about it.
  • The computer is too hot to type on.

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