Poison and Venom

I am full of milky venom like some cagey snake.

I am looking for a change.  I am looking for exactly as it was, only fresh and new.  I am looking for the first stumbling days.  I am looking for a thing to match my expectations with no expectations that it will.

It is a gray day, but I have been out dancing in the streets, and reminding myself I’m fine.  I have fought, gently, because I think he thinks me treacle.  I don’t think he enjoys an extended battle, me neither, and we’re learning.  I just had to say I could make verbal fists and I could play at it even if we ended up at loggerheads.  Not the end of the world.  Not a change.  Just a fact revealed.

I have tasks.  This is among them.  Sit, present in the body, and make a decision as to what we are going to do with ourselves.  Do we begin this diet?  Do we start the exercise tonight?  Do we lose our minds?

I would like to feel better.  This seems the chief concern.  I would like to feel less at risk.  I would like to feel sharper, more able, more apt to understand how to execute the new directives of my heart.  This is the story of the stories and how they have yet to be told.  Just say it.  Just write it down. Just do it.  The new corporate paradigm begins to make sense.  Don’t wait if you can work on your piece now.  So you’re ready to flow into others when they are ready with their work.

I wonder.