The Stewery

I have been wondering to myself if I don’t seriously miss out on the curative properties of daily blogging – the release valve it offers. Right now I have a lot of quiet time (it won’t last once the boss of my new job returns) and I don’t entirely know what to do.  I’ve felt rather panicky again today.  Not drinking a soda helped (day one of hopefully a long streak of staying off the junk) and I said no to a couple purchases I didn’t need to make.  But mostly, I sit quietly by myself and do the work I’m told to do and calculate what this will mean once I can afford to live again.

All of this makes me feel a bit unreal, a bit disassociated, and just…not enjoying the windfall of this job which I can do…I can actually do. Even the hard bits that are hanging out there

Time, I suppose, to write.

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