I have listened to an odd recording at J.’s behest and now my brain just wobbles about with thoughts and lenses for thoughts.  R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots.)  Dystopian, Czech, 1920s.  Remarkable and goofy and sad and demeaning of women and brave and odd.  I liked it but maybe I just liked the awkwardness of the readers, some of whom seemed to be reading for the first time.

There is more to say but this vacation between jobs is slipping through my fingers.  I should have had two weeks off.  I realize that now that I have some sense of the schooling my brain, my social meter, and my energy levels will be expected to handle for the next month.

2 days left.

And so much more to say.  Sink unclogged, machine ready to wash.

Here we are.

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