Pincturare miraculum invidendum facilius quam imitandum

Bipedal robots, heroines gone dark, Lyft drivers who close the windows on their car on your fingertip (the middle finger, of course), Italian artists, and magical pizza.

It was the last day of an era that seems difficult to remember despite it only being over a few hours ago…it feels like I’ve actively tried to blot it out.  There is an email to answer, other pieces yet to be received – and beyond that, I want to be as done as I can be.  I’ve made a list of what I need to do to get ready to even quasi-handle this.

I am excited for the morning to rise.  To dye my roots.  To figure out how to clean my tub.  To go to places I’ve let myself forget the path to.  To make room for this new life.

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