A Higher Standard

I have tasks tonight.

I have things to do.

I missed last night’s post.  I am aware of this.

It is just a matter of getting the ball rolling and we’re already atop the hill so it would be easy just to push it with a few simple conversation starters.

It is incredibly strange to consider things…I’ve posted a few more…raw responses to happenstance of late in other places because I do not have any need to lay out the details about some of my choices of late and the long post on Sunday will be a good spot to lay it out.  I just think about how much lamenting is documented and how little of this other side of…being acknowledged and cossetted and complimented so that I can’t quaver and doubt that I’m cared about at all.

I should want to write at length about the way it feels to be told, in earnest, that you’re beautiful and pleasing and fitting whatever imaginary bill a man might have for a woman.  We’ve talked every single day for…well, it’s over a month now.  Talked or been in some sort of communication.  It’s a thing without a name at all.

It’s just happening.