Points of fuck!

  • Work.  JUST NO.
  • Lost my keys somewhere.  I hope at work.  I really hope it’s at work.  That would be frustrating but doable.  Goddamnit.  And after a really crappy day at work…it’s just HUGELY frustrating.  Stomach in knots and fists.
  • I am still missing the RP guy.  And while I know it was right, I am still feeling like I should be able to have both somehow and I can’t and so it somehow feels like a punishment.  J. is exhausted by work by the time I get to talk to him and he so kindly stays up as much as he can do to talk to me…but, UGH.  Antsy and needy.   Today, right now, I am so capable of a particular type of story and there’s no one to read it.
  • Ffffff

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