Aggressive Yawn

Tis an interesting thing to miss someone, to feel pinges of a whole other suite of emotions previously inaccessible.  Jealousy, curiosity, warmth,   Tis an interesting thing.   Scary.  Quite scary.  But interesting.

Food.  Not good.  Bad.  Dumb.  So, tomorrow, I have options and I will exercise them and make sure I have some dinner to bring home and take a picture of my calendar.

Am very glad for a day at the shop tomorrow, after the battery died in the car and we had to get a jump, I feel a bit thrown.  No time for a talk, though several bits of chat, today which was going to somehow happen but our times are all out of sync.

And Trump.  What a sick, sad…horrifying pile of accusations that feel, as one might have once said, truthy.  Soon to become wet, pungent truths.

And onward.  For certainties.