Of Gods in Pajamas

grandanoir-3-1396043-639x424Ah, first blush of a new obsession.  Everything’s just roses and YouTube spelunking.

I worked myself hard today.  I got my entire office emptied out with deep prayers that everything that needed to be kept got kept in the frenzy.  Vacuumed it up and out I went, never to return there again, even if I have to somehow deal with the concept that I now work, at least in part, downtown.  I have 0% thought about it.  It’s left me drained, but, I suppose, hopeful in certain ways.

  • I came home.  I did some screwy things, but I still came home, for what will be the last time along that road that became comfortable.  Hard, punctuated by panic, but still, bearable.  I know that the problems are not with the road, but with the head trying to drive them.  Still.  It was quicker this time, even with watery eyes and the usual unnamed terror.
  • I cooked dinner.  The whole macaroni and pasta sauce and browned ground beef and if you forget that there was no vegetables and that I had a big greek yogurt for dessert, it kind of constitutes something of note.  It was not purchased and et out of a bag.
  • Also, they approved my application so I get $50 bucks a month or so tax credit on my health insurance on account of how nobody can actually live at my wage and pay for it.  Or they can if they just give up eating which wouldn’t be a bad idea save for the dying aspect.
  • I have realized that I have a problem with Kermit the Frog’s mildly pilled fabric.  It makes my heart feel excessively tender.
  • I  need to job search, but it’s midnight and I might end up applying to run a shoe store (I thought about it but the good lords and ladies above held my wrist and kept me from going down such a terrifically wrong path.
  • Oh, politics, up yours.
  • 250 words elsewheres, though goodness knows I was not expecting to write them


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