Half and Half


So, there is no way to know if my portion of knowledge is large enough in comparison to my portion of ignorance until I test it.  I can only test it by asking the people how they see it.  Submitting myself for an evaluation, an interview.

Do I know how much electrical juice is required for your standard city block?  No.  Would I know what the proper or reasonable fee for laying down a fresh sidewalk would be?  No.  Do I know how to conduct a public engagement event? Not precisely.

But I do know how to figure it out.  One question at a time, I can figure it out.  When not being pressed into service hauling paper to the trash, I would probably have time to suss out answers to the questions that seem so oblique.

This will be another failed effort, but nevertheless, I find myself making an exorbitant list of things I would buy or improve or treat myself to or take care of were I to get this job.  I am sitting here, watching Poldark on mute, and daydreaming about corsets and pink hair and things altogether incompatible with a city job where everyone’s got a judgment on how you behave.  Still.  I could travel.  I could travel! I could get myself back up to par.  I could spend money on healthy food.  I could, maybe, I don’t know, date or something.  I could find the werewithal to remove all of the equivocation from that statement.

I could be deluding myself.  I find that happens a lot these days.

Stability.  I could just feel stable.

+250 words of cover letter

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