The Twilight Room


I am meant to be hurrying along now so that perhaps we can get in one more episode of Miss Fisher because this is the tennis episode and there’s all these cute moments to watch and I am trying to get moving and have something to say about something and I am finding myself distracted every which way but loose.

Here’s today’s life lessons for forever:

  1. Eat food.  Do not not eat food.  When you don’t eat food, you slowly lose your mind.  You really can’t continue or post anything sensible when you’re all jacked up on one handful of chex mix.  I woke up in that window when I should have just made myself get up and start moving, but I had the extra time so I laid in bed and thought about nothing and then I had to go and start work and then I hadn’t eaten and then I went to Starbucks and I was so already thoughtless and dippy that I bought a sandwich that I think looks totally gross and it said “hot” and I had no way to heat it and so instead, I had another handfull of chex mix and some decaf coffee.  Driving home I really realized how unacceptable that was.  I have eaten now, but I think I’m still all out of sorts.  Sleepy and maddeningly distractable and thirsty and
  2. Keep your car clean because you never know when you’re going to have to drive a co-worker home.  It will not be a big deal.  Except for the fact that you are kind of worried about passing out.  Refer to item 1.
  3. I like lemonade, in Beyonce form, and the drink form, and the SNL parody form.  It actually wakes me up.
  4. I can schedule things and they can actually come to pass – this includes restaurant invitations. That’s really great. I think this is the worst sentence ever committed to paper/blog form ever.
  5. I love Miss Fisher.  I have mentioned this before and yet, rewatching it, what a fascinating and lovely lady.

Okay.  Okay.  I have to owe my words tomorrow, this is useless right now.

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