The Topless Towers of Ilium


Things I know to be True:

  • I will not be watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake.  I may, however, briefly reminisce on my one and only time seeing it live.  It was at the Nuart in LA during some convention – WinCon, I think, and which didn’t even start until 1:00a.m. or something. One of the Ghostfacers was there. I remember not a ton about that whole situation save the fact that I kept stabbing myself in the leg to stay awake because they promised terrible things would occur if one of us audience members were to pass out from exhaustion.  That and getting wet and smelly and…somehow enjoying it.  Getting back to the hotel at 4am, feeling as though Death was moments away if I didn’t sleep, and yet, also feeling as though I had gone through a particular trial that had improved me.  All of that makes it entirely impossible to watch that janky-looking (janky in that it is even trying to exist at all) revival on Fox.  Just.  No.
  • Nothing we hear about Donald Trump until Election Day will make anyone feel anything but sick to their stomach.
  • That I still need a bit of care and concern from someone who’s a bit of an eligible dude.  RP guy is gone, despite the anguish I feel in not getting more of that precisely measured situation, I will not stupidly attempt to resurrect a dead creature.  Necromancy never works out well for anyone.  Instead, time to troll OKC and to think a bit about what I’m asking for and what’s acceptable to ask for and see if something can’t be done to meet in the middle.
  • That if you don’t know the return policy at a shop, by which I mean blow off reading the policy printed on your receipt, and you think absolutely need to return something for a refund, and you abuse someone working at a small business to get it, there’s a particular circle in hell for you.  Honestly, just be nice.  Just BE NICE and explain, and maybe be calm enough to hear what the people who work and set the policies are telling you before you demand they break those policies to keep you happy.  Because of course they’ll break them, and it will make them feel real shitty to have to do it, so don’t pour salt in the wound and be a jerk.  Ugh.
  • I did not die today despite dangling off the edge of something horrific is going to happen.  I had an AWFUL night sleeping or trying to sleep again last night back in my room.  My pillow felt like I was trying to lay on brick.  I feel softer and better now, tense, but distracted and the distraction seems to be 9/10ths of it.
  • I need to talk to someone about Berlin Station, but I’m not entirely sure why or what I would say.  I like it, I like it a lot, but at the same time, some component is missing.  It will probably make me watch Spooks again, so I’m alright with that.
  • It is now, exactly time for a hot bath.

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