Ignis Fatuousness


Alright, back and away from London-town, to write to you about the fact that it does not seem to matter how I move my head and/or neck, because there’s an odd, dull pain that has come out of nowhere except for the very reasonable explanations I can find for half of it and that I am in a right fit of very calm, very relaxed panic about it.

It is just not bad enough to need to linger, and yet it has.  I woke up with its presence running through me and the worry has kept my attention focused on myself from toe to tip so that every breath and twinge and horror appears to me as a flag of something too horrendous to speak of.  And the hypochondria which has no verb form just lingers with it.  I have spent the day leaping at internal shadows. There have been verifiable moments I have also marked down in my mind that I felt okay, that I was laughing, that I had thought, okay, this is just a pain in the neck from sitting in bed and staring down at my computer and phone 12 hours a day, conservatively.    And getting old as fuck.

After this, I will be getting myself into the hot bath and soaking my neck.  I’ve been using the Hitachi Magic Wand for its intended purpose.  I have been considering what, as a downtrodden, broke-ass person is a problem that is at the level where I have to get it checked out and what…you know, given my histrionic history with health complaints can be borne and rode out until November 1st when I can enroll again and get myself on some sort of health track.  I am actually encouraged by the thought of a health track.

It is, in some measure, if not entirely, based on the stress I feel.  Work is so dysfunctional right now, and frustrating on so many levels, that I am starting to dread it.  I think it’s just working through my body.  It knows this isn’t right for me and even if I refuse to fully acknowledge how much I need to run for the hills, my body is finding ways of pulling my chain back…hard.

The remainder of my words are thrown at a job application.