Selenic and Old Lace


A reply to yesterday’s to-do list.

  1.  Accomplished.  Glasses were excavated from behind the bed in some shadow where they were hidden yesterday. I went to work (despite accidentally writing worry rather than work) with full vision.
  2. Woke up.  Lingered in bed, but did get up early enough to find the glasses, wear the makeup, find the sandals, get some shitty, obnoxious news from big job that made me stay in bed longer, and get out early enough to grab coffee before a massive inventory shift at work.
  3. Got the secondary check at the end of the day after staying late to help a guy hurry in to get a particular necklace for his wife that I sold earlier in the day, he got another one, though, and I did THE WORST bow-wrapping job on it ever.  So sorry about that random dude, I promise it wasn’t because I was secretly irritable about the concept of romantic gifts and the idea of anniversaries in general.
  4. I did not make a list.  I do have a big impetus and a strong idea.  I also, finally, after three months of lusting wildly for it, bought the raccoon vintage glass, captured soul necklace – at least, I put it on layaway.  Because everyday I ogle it and a woman was looking at it with some jerky kids and joking about giving it to her daughter and as soon as she put it back I realized, people can’t be fucking around with my stuff.  If they’d bought it, I’d have been gutted, in earnest.  So, it’s a total indulgence, but I think that given I get it at 50% off, and am laying it away and I already know what necklace I can get rid of and it has already brought me real joy and it turns five colors and looks like it’s made of magic…that happened.  Giving sisters, banks, and insurance companies money (along with grocery stores) is IT.
  5. 2 water bottles actually got froze and only one got extracted.   This…is not really blogworthy news, but I am posting about it anyway! What a mood I am in!
  6. Lunch was a piece of quiche that is at the really consistently disappointing coffeeshop next door that everyone loves.  Their food just tastes blah to me, but I go because everything else feels a fuss.  I did go to the store at night for dinner and I did buy carrots.  If you had any idea how this was a big deal, you’d be excited for me.  Maybe.  Brown paper bag lunches are on the horizon again.
  7. I also bought some hair dye to fix my horrendous and offensive dark roots.  I think it will be splotchy, but I am, personally, splotchy and it was 6 bucks.
  8. I had zero time today to moon over the phone or the absence of messages after the presence of messages.  I chase nothing.  I accept whatever the final outcome may be.   That reflects greater sangfroid than I feel at every hour of the day, but right now, I can do no more than this.
  9. All of the above reflects an effort to deal with the imperfect, however imperfectly I have to do it.

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