The Rue de Lis


What do we write when the day has been uneventful?  When we don’t care to prophesize about the future of ourselves and of humanity as a whole?  When we don’t know what else to say that doesn’t involve making grand assertions about what mountain we are going to climb tomorrow and how we’re going to be attending to our issues and we’re going to be good as gold.  When we don’t want to write on our stories because they’re still dewy with construction glue from the last effort?

We write elsewheres to others.  We find a way. We just keep pushing.  We don’t tell ourselves no.  We do our best.  We stand firm.  We just just.  We sit in the dark with the fan and think about how we don’t understand how you can see things in a test and then not see things in a test when a person has to undergo terrible things as a result of that test.  I don’t…

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