Not in the Mood


Artwork’s been incidentally way abstract of late.  There is no meaning behind it unless there’s some Freudian one that I am missing.

I am feeling betterish.  Still too hot to live. My legs ache from wearing poor shoes today and standing for a good portion of eight hours and my feet are yelling and searing and acting up.  I have had some alcohol to mitigate this.  It has worn off now, though, and I feel grumpy about it again.  My stomach is yelping and bubbling like a Shakespearean witch’s cauldron.  I need to just sit in a lukewarm tub and let the devils that have taken up residence there be driven out.  Seriously, a massage, a massage, my dim little kingdom for a massage.  Or at least something to mix some more rum.  Yes, I will bitch and complain in a world that has made others suffer far worse.

I am pulling out the minimal level of rah-rah that I have remaining to me for the fact that I bought another salad for lunch today and didn’t go out and buy anything else for dinner (if only to justify getting to run out tomorrow and have something tomorrow).  Just roughage.  I need to continually eat something green and filling.  I am thinking about how good it would be to be on low-carb right now.  It would make things easier (if I planned and got myself food prepped to bring) and it would make me less hungry, less needing to buy my food meal by meal (and in a small town where the draw of just hitting a local restaurant is a constant battle.   I haven’t decided.  But it is on my mind.

What I have decided is that Tim Kaine makes my heart swell.   I don’t know why it is that he has so quickly endeared himself to me – but I heard that his speech was good, warm, connecting, well-received.  So I snuck glances at it while it was quiet at the shop and listened to it all the way home.  I do really like the man.  I think he legitimately cares, legitimately sees the world in a way that reflects the values I think should be basic American values…and for the optimism that I think he brings to the table.  It is getting me far more excited than I expected to be in advance of Philadelphia.

That one couple….I got the chance to help a young couple on vacation, another episode in the last hour of the day when I close at the shop seems to be the best.  They were loopy, silly, and obviously daffy for one another.  So when she tries on a hat, she ends up buying a hat and over the counter sees a necklace – thankfully, not the necklace that I have been lusting after and trying to justify buying – and is so giddy and whoo hooo that she buys that, too.  And just for a minute, I got to ride on the wake of their happiness.

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