I feel like crap.  Real, hot, melted crap.  It won’t make sense tonight, I promise you.  I think we’ll be lucky if the spelling and punctuation mostly happens.  Some earnest kid at the deli made me a sandwich and in his desire for approval added way too much of everything and I would describe it if I could, but if I did, I would wretch all over this screen.  A headache and nausea has been encouraged by this unholy heat and I just really fucking hate every last goddamned motherfucking thing right now.

Here is what I know.  I do not want to rehash my day.  I hate the word rehash.  I want to just move into the freezer and never speak again.  Language is worthless to me right now.  There is enough sweat in my knees to sail a ship.  I want to bash my head apart like a pinata to get this ache out.

I…will owe my other words tomorrow.  Out.


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