A Rowdy Sort of Magick


Things I am doing today:  the best I can.

I went to see my parents – mostly my mother.  We talked around it, we talked about it briefly, and then we didn’t talk.  I look at her as if I am supposed to see something I don’t see and I hate that so instead, we watched 3 episodes of her favorite show – Malcolm in the Middle, some baseball, and we watched, with neutral expressions, the tiny house show on HGTV.   She doesn’t know.  Nobody knows.

So it is hard to come home and think silly, trivial things or even, the businesslike thoughts I need to be thinking about money and jobs and making sure my grown-up duties are handled.

I’m trying to strike a balance.  I’m trying to renegotiate my relationship with the horse of change.

And in the interests of that, 500+ words of fiction.


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