So.  Yes.  Yep.  Alright.

I am quite occupied.  Again.

Everything at this particular instance of not looking either forward nor back is marvelous.

+400 words of delirious folly

This leaves me with 29…it is rather a lot of math to attempt this close to midnight.  As I say every morning and I say every night, I need to give more time to these things and I don’t.  I just find myself utterly distracted by one thing or another and then I don’t even know how the time slips away and I am pressed up against the clock.   And then I wind up here, just blabbing mindlessly.

I feel relatively mindless right now.  Focused, perhaps, on one pleasing thing and everything else is of secondary concern.  Or tertiary concern or not really a concern at all.   Again, I don’t think I agree with the priorities I’m taking right now, however, here I am, taking them.

I do promise to try harder tomorrow.  Tomorrow I am taking a CPR class.  Tomorrow…needs to go away.

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