Agony in Scarlet


Lots of circle and spherical art lately.  Not on purpose, I promise.

Um.  So we hardly know what to say about that, it was so unexpected…so we will elect to keep ourselves quite quiet about the details.  +363 words of elegant silence.  Some of you perhaps need to know this, maybe, but certainly not the whole internet.  It would be embarrassing if it weren’t so marvelous.  Now I’m being coy and I don’t want to say anything at all.  So I must let it rest.

Tomorrow, the store and the lady on her feet.  I am, unfortunately, looking forward to it.  To the zen feeling of the place.  To melting into it and just working without thought.  My little sister is working on procuring us tickets to Mumford and I am going to be positive and think good things and not hang around the sort of thoughts I hung around with today.  It does me zero good to live in the worries of others.  I have plenty of my own to contend with.

With 2 minutes to spare.


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