A Deliciousness of Friends


Life is profoundly amusing.

I do not know if it will be at all possible to write one hundred and eighty words to supplant the ones I have in my head but have yet to apply to the page in the next five minutes.   The others have been written in emails I am exceedingly loathe to paste the contents of here.

Suffice it to say, I’ve turned around and realized it’s verging on midnight and I have my head in amused clouds thinking about Fallen London and some fellow who actually can write and actually approves of my ridiculous roleplaying skills and has decided to take up with me.  It’s all very sudden, but yes, I’m quite amused about the whole thing and probably could be a bit more sober and intelligent about it tomorrow.  It is really nothing that needs much more than one hundred and eighty words written about it and I could use some of this time to say how somehow my FB got hacked but I’m online so much and so fast there was hardly time for them to cause a ruckus.

Or Mumford!

But no.


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