It’s springtime.  There’s going to be pictures of flowers, I’m afraid.

As ever, I am running out of time.

1545 – word counts count!

Okay.  So that was challenging, but not impossible.  Tomorrow we work at the store.  I am going to try and wake up early enough to be cute.  I am starting the caring about what I eat.  I am not going to roll my eyes.  I have been amusing myself with revolutionaries and bohemians with open dressing room doors and high society rakes and regular wine-swilling criminal riffraff.

I am enduring this.  I am practicing my GRE vocabulary, obsessing over Kyla La Grange’s Hummingbird song, sipping and drinking and debating the euphony or diseuphony (is that a word?…no, the red squiggles tell me it is not…the dissonance of words.

So.  Yes.

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