Her Triumphant Return



I feel creepy.  I didn’t know how I’d feel on returning, and it wasn’t until this moment that I really considered my feelings about such a lengthy hiatus for the blog.  There was just so much else to think about and then I kind of stop thinking all together for a while.  But I’m home now. Exhausted and yet there is some oddball strain within me that is raring to go.  One thing at a time, I tell myself.

Bullets are so reductive, but I know there will be a flood tomorrow and I gotta engage in a little self-care right now.

  • My friends are ridiculously wonderful.  That’s really the only thing that needs to be known, though I will continue on.
  • The funeral was hard.  The struggle to know what to feel or how to feel it when you’re
  • We went to the farm.  It was probably the last time I will ever go to Pelican Rapids or to Fargo or to that particular plot of land, though there is some talk that my aunt might buy it.  I hope she does, though I would understand if she doesn’t.  That house and all its history, all that it matters to us, is still 3 hours away from her.  I don’t know.
  • Seattle is a city of hills.  I am not a walker of hills or an appreciator of hills.  Hills, to me, are basically walls, or, if not, short little slices of torture.  I would get used to it if I lived there. I think, for me, who has had this long-held inane dislike of them, as a tourist, they’re definitely a bitch. Nevertheless, I got myself about and we saw the sights.
  • This included the Pike Place Market wherein I realized how little I knew about Seattle prior to this trip.  The fishy smell, the labyrinthine hallways.  I found myself telling stories about people who run the curiosity shops rather than buying things.
  • The getting around, at least initially, was also hampered by the feeling that there were no straight lines – that everything was all akimbo and I had this constant, nagging feeling of vertigo that wasn’t really based on anything.  This did, eventually, go away.
  • We went to the aquarium and saw silly otters and floppy, dog-faced seals.
  • Our orange cat is at the vet. Kidneys.  I don’t know what to think, but that doesn’t look good.
  • Today I have had cramps to beat the devil.  I wasn’t supposed to have to worry about the lady card, and here we are, rolling on the crimson tides.
  • We watched 10 Things I Hate About You.  Totally didn’t connect that the movie was filmed in Seattle.
  • We also went to a parade of taco trucks and I had an excellent chicken taco with pickled red onions.
  • I learned there was such a thing as the Fremont Troll and there it was, right under the massive bridge.
  • I didn’t drink as much Starbucks as I thought I might – just trying to control the caffeine.
  • I had curling injuries.   From actually, earnestly trying to curl.

More tomorrow.

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