Captain America and the Rather Cold Chap


Alright.  Tons that was good about today:

Snowfall meant everything was quiet and the impulse to go run around and spend money I don’t need to spend was definitely tamped down.
No real snowpocalypse to speak of, but it wasn’t anything I wanted to be out in.
I got paid!
I finished London, 1913!
I got my desk cleared off and am trying very hard to make myself use it.  It’s a whole muscle memory thing, though.
I exercised!
I did laundry!
I made random ham and cheddar pockets!
I tracked my food!
I duolingo’d!
I watched Captain America: The Rather Cold Chap with my friends and loved the rather cold chap and his rather nice bum.

What MUST happen tomorrow: waking up and getting Amelia back out on her horse.

+585 words of reviewing London, 1913.


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