We Are the Normal


I’ve got this odd sense of energy and accomplishment today and I don’t know why that is. Maybe I just need to offset the malaise that all my various stresses have left me soaking in.  (All I see is the preposition there, but ah, what can you do?  In which the various stresses have left me soaking, presumably.)

-Worked as hard as I possibly could at my job for four hours.  Felt feelings about it but kept working.  Didn’t have time to pretend I was staying or leaving.  Just doing.  I would like to keep that up.
-Came home and washed all the pots and pans.
-Rode the bike for half an hour
-Tracked my food
-Got some Duolingo in, feeling faintly comme je peux parler francais un peu.
-Contemplated Dragonrealms.  Not going to do that until I get my story done.  Contemplating it, though.
-Began to plan something that makes my whole body thrill with delight.  A cornerstone for all other things because it starts with a truth embedded in a lie.  I have to do it before any more dare be said.

+500 words on the mark.


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