When the Equilibrist Fell


writing 500 words

+ more Rilke, a photo of Rilke, half-panther, clawing and pawing at the past like a fool, hunger, feasting, Oprah, mysticism faith and belief.

wanting more than nothing, wanting, wanting, oh my lord, just wanting

There’s this odd spark.  This bravery.  This source that got tapped.

Things I love:  sleeping with multiple books in my bed.   Fresh nail polish, paying bills, being able to use my businesslady voice, pushing through the writing until I can make two loose segments connect, being able to stop myself to the point where I don’t even want to cause myself trouble, reading something painful and wrestling with it rather than letting it sit on you like a wet blanket, speaking my mind about my frustrations, doing a bit of maintenance.  Willing myself to start even though I didn’t know where I was going.   Carrying things through to total catastrophe. Planning on bigger, more challenging, more overwhelming, socks-knocked off change and starting now.



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