Someone to Run, Not Walk


It’s all Angel Olsen lyrics all the time around here.

The Tower Reversed, Nine of Swords Reversed, Page of Swords

Working on the outline and it is coming together, but I am hitting those logical knots and having to take a step back and not run away from the whole concept just because I’ve proposed a few scenes that make other scenes irrational if they remain coupled together in order.  I’m having to research and I’m enjoying it…having this outline is going to make the writing so much less stressful because I won’t have poured myself into details that will hinge on those illogical knots.  Ah, the struggles of writing characters so much smarter than you are.

Basically, I want today to be yesterday and everything to be easy and perfect.

This does not matter.  Doing it matters.

I did some exercise, tracked the food, feel a bit disconnected, but I think that’s only because everything is discombobulated and weird right now.  I took a nap.  That’s weird.  I shouldn’t be home taking naps with this extra time, but I don’t know how not to keep the harness on in private.  Ahem.

At any rate, I don’t get back on the scale until Saturday, I’m holding myself to that.  But I am still, in it.  In this whole process of thinking that the combination of things I’m doing now and not doing now that are different from before are the combination that will mean weighing less. I was able to wear some new pants that were too tight to get on at Christmas time.  A good sign.  Had 3 mini cupcakes, all tracked, one serving, contemplating my “failure.”  The one I said was impossible.

Okay.  Displeased with the sound of my own internal monologue.  So long.

+333 words on this outline

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