Blonde Over Blue



Did it happen?  Did my whirligig cleaning frenzy take place?

I’m happy to report that I don’t know how – but the spirit overtook me and I have floor!  Vacuumed ‘n all! I have clothing washed and folded and put away.  I have a nicely made bed.  I have a desire to do more tomorrow, but crikey, I am tired now.

Having one of those evenings where I can forget just about everything and feel alright.  Those are far rarer than they should be.

Got an email from a writer at writer’s group with extended feedback on my story which is making me continue to be intrigued with continuing it.  They do make a good point about the little tagalong character, but it does make me realize that a woman in the early 1900s on her own isn’t something I can just force through.  I am not sure she would agree with me, but I was starting to think that my Amelia needed the ballast of a lady’s maid hanging around to slow her down. The expectations for a young woman to settle down and have a family, well, you can’t pretend those don’t exist.  But then I read about Isabella Bird and Gertrude Bell and Jeanne Bare and I know there is a path for my character to follow.   It’s an odd thing.   I don’t think Amelia should be slowed down and I think the advice is worth paying attention to.

Dietry: it was a day here by myself and I needed that.  I just needed that.  It is hard to explain how I can have my own room and never be bothered and still need to have time by myself.  Need to feel as though there isn’t some impending noise or problem or story or intrusion or expectation of being one way or another.

I enjoy my own space.  It makes me froth at the mouth when I think I might have the chance to get it.  It brings me back to par.  It makes me realize the energy I have invested in myself and what I’m gunning for with this year-long diet/exercise/build a better body/upgrade the housing for my everlasting soul situation.  So, I was able to eat pretty okay today – also got on the bike.  Happy with it, imperfection and all.

I don’t have to look five hundred years down the road.  I’m just doing what I can do today.

Also got the hair cut. It’s really champagne blonde – like almost Daenerys blonde.  Like…blonde.  I am fine with it (it’s pretty on me with my red lipstick) a little bit dismayed at the cost to get it my roots bleached and trimmed.   I did sit in the chair while she was mixing colors which I usually hate because it involves sitting and looking at yourself or trying not to look at yourself in a mirror.   Usually, I see a sack of pasty potatoes looking back.  Today, I still saw potatoes, but I didn’t wholly mind the potato head sitting on top of it.