My copy of S arrived but I have not opened it yet because I already have far too many things pulling at my brain and demanding my attention – a Dragon Age run to finally finish.  Just got my requisite heartbreak and have only one little Deep Roads excursion to deal with before the final end-game and then, the final DLC and then, I don’t know…life again.

In case you haven’t been alerted elseways, and as always, I do aim to be your first source for breaking news, the Broncos won the Super Bowl.  This is very good and exciting as a Broncos fan.  I didn’t have anything to do with it, though, and I acknowledge that.  I barely knew the scores from week to week.  It’s a good thing to walk around in for a few days.  A victorious energy is far better than a defeated one for my purposes these days.

What else?  I ate the chili.  I measured it out, one cup, put a little cheese on it, a little onion, a little guac, a few chips – tallied it all up.  Okay, looking good.  Decided to have another cup and did the same. Because the chili is that goddamned good.  And because it was two and I’d had coffee in preparation for this.  So it wasn’t the end of the world and I’m not over or anything.   Even if I was…not the end of the world.

Actually entered the recipe for my mug cake and realized that there’s like 140 calories in a tablespoon of canola oil.  I mean, honestly, and there was two in that recipe.  Plus sugar.  So my numbers weren’t right.  Instead of having a moan about that, I made it with splenda and a bit of margarine and it was just as good.  Slightly different texture, but that’s about it.  I hate to be one of those people who spend their time worrying about these sorts of things…no, I don’t hate it at all.


I don’t hate it because it’s a clue.  It’s a reason.  It’s a choice I didn’t know I was making time after time, day after day, and it took me somewhere I didn’t know I was going.

Now I know.  I can still go there, but I don’t have to run.

Speaking of.  Okay.  Cool thy jets.  I also tried out MapMyWalk, and am starting to anticipate summer so that I can maybe get out there in the morning and just truck with some music on.  My capacity is a bit stronger, by maybe one or two percent, just enough to be noticeable on the inside and I wouldn’t mind on some lazy summer weekend when it’s cool, just seeing how far and how fast.  Today, we had dogs and there was unscraped snow everywhere to navigate and very thin pants.

Super thick jackets and very thin pants and I realized that air was slicing through me in a painful and aggressive way.  It was a bad scene.  But I’d like to do it more.

Friends, my dear and darling and good and lovely friends, are just hanging out in a Twitter group chat and life feels alright.  I feel their cleverness so much.  Hearts and flowers and not even minding so much that we slip back into Arkham in the morning.

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