Sugar Sugar


It’s a snow day or it was.  I am glad and grateful, but thrown.

I have a few projects left to complete – they’re both work and personal so dallying seems like a poor choice right now.  Not terrible for not really getting started until noon.  Those early morning texts when you’ve stayed up until 2a.m. the night before unable to turn off or stop listening to some genealogy-based show or calm down after seeing some gross shocker image that was tagged as clickbait on some innocuous blog content.  I won’t go into details because I’m glad that I’ve only dwelled on how sick it looked aggressively four or five times today.  Last night I could barely think of anything else.  Fun.

So, yes.  Snow, of some margin, turned up and made the boss lady decide that we should not make the trek in to work.  Then, as it always does when you’ve a day off unexpectedly, the roads warm and start to melt off and you wonder if you couldn’t have just made it and if it would have been worthwhile to just force yourself.  It wasn’t my choice, though, and it wasn’t my call.  No hooky for me.  So I am doing my level best to be responsive to the boss and do the work I brought home in case exactly what happened did.

Yes.  I realize it’s 9p.m. when I’m starting to contemplate this.  I think this is good for me who would, more likely than not, just close my brain to the fact that I was stressing and wanted to get a leg up to reduce stress and add to my own crap pile.  I did, though, talk to the boss and had a productive and positive conversation and sent her what she wanted after spending a good hour doing the necessary re-calculations.

I know I would have felt terrible shame before about not having this already done.  But I didn’t and now I do and that is so much better than trying to just not think about things.  Address your shit, heal thyself and whatnot!

Since there was snow and snow and me have this friendly little agoraphobic situation going on, there wasn’t much plan to run out and do the grocery store shopping I need to do.  Instead, leftovers, exercise bike, tracking, not giving up, etc.  It was good.  The Lean Cuisine chicken tetrazzini thing was not good, but the not really needing food to do more than food does today was great.

I made this recipe  in the microwave – it’s a chocolate mug cake.  I was way under on calories so I thought this would be a good way to keep myself from prowling around our rather bare cupboards looking for trouble.  A little chocolate tempest in a teacup.  I might add more sugar next time, probably less cocoa, but good.

Um, right.  I have angst, of course, there’s boy stuff in my brain.  There’s novel writing that has been tabled that I will get back at.  There’s a Galentine’s Day party.  There’s a lot more than nothing.

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