strawberry-cake-2-1323179-1600x1200It is the things you do when you swear you can’t do anything that make your life what it is.

I think I may have posted that exact line verbatim before, but if that’s so, it’s only because it is a self-evident truth in my life.  A recurrent theme.

This is the middle evening of the three-day weekend that snuck up on me and has wrapped its arms around me in what may be a chokehold or just a secure swaddling.  I have left the house twice for food purposes.  I am, regrettably, not sure what exactly I bought, but I did go.  The sunlight did touch this skin which is no longer so alabaster after being peeled and scorched a time or two this summer.  I didn’t JUST play video games.

We called over to my parents to set-up my father’s birthday lunch at some Mexican restaurant the whole family is very positive on and got the sad, but expected response.  No, no, don’t spend your money on me.  I’m already working on my next birthday.  Sigh.  We could go without him and just have lunch, but that would be weird and sad and sigh.

So the timing of food got thrown off.   The grocery store after 8p.m. is always a dangerous proposition.  I ate my fast food / fast casual / not fast at all, hamburger which took 25 minutes to be passed in its usual brown paper bag of embarrassment over to me (though it was very good) late and felt rather unsure about what to eat for dinner, so I end up wandering the aisles hungry but feeling as though my stomach would immediately reject whatever I tried to throw down my gullet.  Eventually I realize I have to buy something because it’s about time to leave the store and I remember the carnitas in the freezer and think carnitas nachos! So I run about gathering the necessary ingredients, cheese, salsa, what have you, along with a nice bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper because it’s a three day weekend and let’s just fuck ourselves up but good.

Tomorrow’s the final hurrah of this piece of gaming property – Dragon Age: Inquisition and this is surely not a forum for any sort of formal review.  I just want to say that I love it and I hope I will love it even after I endure the events of the final piece of content, the epilogue where my character that I’ve written about and adored and hoped for will experience her final breath of animated life and the rest will be relegated to the mending powers of fanfiction.  This is not to say that I expect it to be bad – in fact, quite the opposite, but I do know that my optimistic hopes for the ending that satisfied the experience she and I have shared are not so likely to be fulfilled.

All of this means I will be staying up late to start playing it and probably a bitch for the rest of the week.  I wish it could be otherwise, but it can’t.

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