That is corn soup, friends.  Okay.  That is corn soup.  This has been your regularly scheduled corn soup broadcast warning.

We watched Miami Connection, my friends and I, and that was amazing.  We are talking about watermelons.  I played Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Descent.  I have read a bit more of Tiny Beautiful Things. I love it, I love everything about it, and it’s making me feel sharp and bright in the face of things that are making me feel sleepy and good.

I did laundry and I will, before I drop my head for sleep, make up this bed with the clean sheets I washed, and finish with the clothes in the dryer.  I don’t intend to be long after midnight, but I will make sure that I get that done because it is important that we find a way to keep our promises, especially the ones we make to ourselves.

My sister is not getting married, which is not news, but it seemed as if something was teetering and it is, as so often feels the case, it isn’t.  So that’s an update.  I have no idea how the work event went, I have no idea how anything outside of this house went, and that’s a bit disturbing.  I shouldn’t have asked my sister to go get the food, I should have gotten it myself and fought the beast on that front.  I didn’t, but I am aware, and more than just awareness,  I am willing to change.

That said: you have been here all day and I am entirely grateful for that.  We are going to carry on fighting together, seeing that Mildred, and the darkness she harbors, don’t win.  That they don’t confuse the truth for us.  That we carry the weight we are meant to carry.

I am possibly looking at Winnie in shorts.  That’s a thing I can do now with the power of the internet.   I do not mind him in shorts with those chicken legs of his sticking out.  It reminds me that I am going to see those chicken legs live and in person in less than a week.  In a week, we will be home again and I will be messed up with love for this band that has sent me running about the world.   It will have been a unique experience, with a tent, under the stars, maybe a bit drunk, enjoying the music I love.

There are other things to say, but I am happy right now.  Whatever awaits me tomorrow, I can and will endure. I don’t have any desire to waste words on drawing out the unfortunate possibilities of tomorrow, because  I may even enjoy it.

We are running short of time and we are not even halfway there.  I am silently listening to friends’ horrors and internet dramas and feeling them with my heart all the way on this other side of the country.  That sounds grosser than I mean, but not really.  I love their ridiculous souls.

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