She Blurted Out


Okay, so, I have to recalculate.  It’s added a bunch of pre-written stuff into my ywriter and I know that I owe more words today and I have to be honest and true to the process, plus, the hell if I don’t have two hundred words to share here.  Hell, I probably will have half of those spent just in telling you what is up.

Or so.

So I am starting to come to terms with the whole camping at Mumford thing.  Our trips are always an experience, anyway, with the beetle explosion in Guthrie and all of the craziness that was Bristol and  I feel like I’m just gonna drink something and not mind.  I want to exorcise some shit out there in the fields.  That’s not what I mean.  I just mean I want to breathe and it’s gonna be okay.  It’s more grist for the mill.  All I want to do lately is write and be in story and be running words through the wheel for flax.

Um, thinking about Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Thinking about restarting, wondering why in the hell’s bells I should do that in advance of a DLC coming out in four days.  Wondering why I want to write numbers as Roman numerals.


500 words on the story.

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