Oh, gosh, it feels awful not to have the full complement, the full arsenal of language to  encapsulate the events of today.  Events historical and majestic and writ large and events small and personal.  My old new boss is already leaving after what could really only be two years.  This doesn’t mean exactly anything, but it doesn’t mean exactly nothing.  One more piece of the past blown into the sky. Marvelous and painful and wonderful.  The President singing Amazing Grace.  Flags coming down.  Progress being made.  It’s quite a day in the universe. And I’ve been writing, a bit, the outline’s end is in sight.  It’s gotten a little bit radiated and grown a few limbs at the end we’ll inevitably have to hack off, but right now, we aren’t calling any names.

Today the Supreme Court said one little awful thing that we do to one another for no other reason than fear and maybe tradition (which has some bit of flax running through it which is born from fear) is not allowed anymore.  That people who want to love and get married get to love and get married.  Period.  End stop.  You don’t get to say they don’t, fear-mongers.  And my friends who are gay, the people around me who are gay or bisexual, you don’t get to abridge their rights.  I can go to their weddings.

I realize now that I wouldn’t mind going to a wedding if it were for two people who were in love.

+300 extra story words.


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